Tips on buying your next printer

Feb 22, 2021 | Information Technology

Have you ever gone into a computer store to purchase a printer and asked yourself, how are they able to sell these items so cheap ?You can usually go into the store and leave with a printer from as low as four hundred TT Dollars!

The reason for this is simple, company’s usually make little to nothing on printers in this price bracket because that’s not what there actually selling to you, what printers in this segment usually have in common is their inefficiency when it comes to ink.Therefore what these company’s do is get you invested into the hardware and lock you into service of consistently purchasing the consumables (ink). The ink for these low cost printers are usually higher priced if compared to mid range or higher tier printers.

In conclusion for the average business needs you should always strike a balance between the price of a printer and the price of their consumables also if possible research the cost of the ink for the printer you’re interested in purchasing and as much as possible stay away from the low cost printers , as you would in the majority of scenarios end up paying more in the long run.