Demystifying Online Schooling

Nov 6, 2020 | Information Technology

Demystifying your online school eMinistry of Education Guidelines, school guidelines, Google advice, your neighbor who works in IT….and you might still be a little fuzzy about what exactly you are supposed to buy to support your child’s online learning needs. 

With every small, medium and large business supplier of IT equipment offering laptops and/or tablets, and hyping up the specifications and cost, we cringed a little inside whenwe saw what parents were being asked to know.

How would the makers of the tiny humans know what to invest in? Do they even know what some of these specs mean? 

We pulled a few ads and quickly discovered that many were offering devices that would frustrate these poor children and their grownups for most of not all of the school day. Slow tech response, crashing apps, little to no memory, no software offerings (any discover later on they have to buy this separately). What about security? Guess what, you have to pay for that too. 

It would be nice if someone explained what these specifications mean and maybe why they are so darned important in the first place. I mean a computer is a computer!…… Right? 

Well … no…..not all are the same and what’s more, a long list of specifications doesn’t mean it’s a great buy. 

What exactly do I need to know then?

Does Brand Matter ?

We all grew up with the popular computing brands, Dell , HP, Lenovo, Apple and Gateway (R.I.P.). In the recent years I’m sure you’ve been seeing some other brands poping up and being alot more popular in the computer world for example , Acer, Asus, Razer and Microsoft Microsoft

Internal memory (don’t confuse for storage this limits the amount of items that are available to be opened on your pc or tablet before it comes to a grinding halt tablets 4GB+/tablet 6gb+Windows pc ) 

Internal storage ( the number associated with how many files that are available to be stored on the device desktop 128gb + Tablet 64GB+ 

33 Gb is only acceptable if it comes with expandable storage aka a memory card)