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Solutions by Activ Services was created to provide tailored support in the key areas of Information Technology, Human Resources, and Media Management. Our team of Subject Matter Experts and client support staff are focused on discovering and executing the right solutions for you.

Information Technology

Activ-IT partners with our clients. We are their support team. We work beside them, building a strategy, allowing them to transform their IT infrastructure. Ensuring they can keep up with the needs of their business and its internal and external stakeholders.

Human Resources

Our goal is to provide you with tailored Human Resources support services. We believe that once your team is managed in the right way, they will manage and support your business optimally.


Every asset we have aligns with your commercial goals, speaks directly to your audience and builds a conversation around your brand. Our clients want to make an impact. Let’s do something big together!

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Why Don’t Relationships in the Workplace Work?

Why Don’t Relationships in the Workplace Work?

Why Don't Relationships in the Workplace Work? An In-Depth Analysis Introduction Relationships in the Workplace are a topic of much debate and concern. While some argue that workplace relationships can be beneficial, the reality often proves otherwise. This...

Remote Work Policies for Businesses

Remote Work Policies for Businesses

A Comprehensive Guide to Remote Work Policies for Businesses Introduction In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, Remote Work Policies have become more crucial than ever. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the key elements that make up an effective...

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