Is HR your friend ?

Sep 25, 2022 | Human Resources

Is HR your friend ?

Most employees believe that HR exists to help them get paid on time and manage their workplace misconduct. However, in many cases, staff members have no one else to turn to when they have issues.Instead of complaining to a supervisor, employees can go to HR to resolve their issues. However, it’s also important to note that the department has an image problem, as a study revealed that 70% of workers don’t trust its personnel department. There are many examples of employees who feel wronged by HR, and they can be found on social media and in blog posts.

Some employees just give up on HR and sue their company. In 2020, there were a record number of workplace lawsuits in the US. If employees feel that their HR department is failing them, it might be a mistake to trust them with their most difficult issues. This is because there often is a disconnect between what HR is supposed to do and what it actually delivers. Despite the fact that employees may feel that HR processes should be right in addressing the issues in the workplace, company leaders may still think that the department is there to protect the company. Unfortunately, the HR department is not there to help employees.

The HR department is focused on protecting the company’s bottom line. Although your boss may be a pig, he is still good for the company’s bottom line. Most people are aware that the department handles various HR issues, such as recruiting, benefits, and payroll. It can also help managers and employees navigate through the company’s various policies and procedures. Aside from being involved in hiring and firing, the HR department also has a role in addressing various issues in the workplace. For instance, if an employee experiences unfair treatment or harassment, they may be required to speak with the HR staff.

According to Matt Stephens, the CEO of Inpulse, the HR department is focused on helping a company achieve its goals and corporate strategy. It does this by developing and managing employees and ensuring that the company’s performance is improved. In many ways, the department has spent years trying to prove its worth to the employer. Despite the importance of the HR department, it’s also important to note that it is focused on the company’s goals and keeping it within the workplace legislation. Unfortunately, a survey has shown that many employees don’t trust the department.

A survey conducted in 2018 by the top tech firms in the US revealed that over 70% of employees at the four most valuable companies, such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, didn’t trust their HR department. A separate survey conducted by the HR software provider CIPHR in the UK also showed that only 23% of employees didn’t trust their HR department.

According to a professor of human resources at Warwick Business School, the field of HR often attracts individuals who believe that they can create a positive work environment. Unfortunately, despite the various roles that the HR department plays, many employees don’t trust its ability to resolve complex work situations. Most employees also realize that the department is under tremendous pressure to represent the interests of the company.