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[Solved] My employer is asking too much when working virtually !


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On an interim contract the role and responsibilities has increased since entering the virtual world. Little no room for a lunch hour and working hours have increased by default. How is the employee suppose to bring all the concerns of this to management in a way for them to hear ALL the employee concerns to have some resolved?

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Start by having clear objectives for the duration of your contract. Then break these down as much as possible (daily, weekly etc). Once these are agreed between you and your employer, communicate clearly what times of the day you may be on breaks and for how long. 

If new tasks are added or requested, communicate if any other work will be compromised and seek guidance on priority to manage your employer’s expectations. 

Work-Life Balance in the Virtual workplace is difficult if you do not set clear boundaries for yourself. You will not only be more effective and efficient in your work, but you will be able to meet and exceed the expectations of your employer if you are clear about what tasks need to be done and communicate your availability.