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Solutions by Activ Services was created to provide tailored support in the key areas of Information Technology, Human Resources, and Media Management. Our team of Subject Matter Experts and client support staff are focused on discovering and executing the right solutions for you.

Information Technology

Activ-IT partners with our clients. We are their support team. We work beside them, building a strategy, allowing them to transform their IT infrastructure. Ensuring they can keep up with the needs of their business and its internal and external stakeholders.

Human Resources

Our goal is to provide you with tailored Human Resources support services. We believe that once your team is managed in the right way, they will manage and support your business optimally.


Every asset we have aligns with your commercial goals, speaks directly to your audience and builds a conversation around your brand. Our clients want to make an impact. Let’s do something big together!

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Where do you draw your inspiration from ?

Where do you draw your inspiration from ?

Where do you draw your inspiration from ? Whether it be being in-tune with and  admiring nature, or could it be from the hustle and bustle of day to day life in the city. Every creative has their mind switched on looking for their next fix , or as you might call it...

Is working from home coming to and end ?

Is working from home coming to and end ?

Is Working from coming to an end? It’s easy to assume that the home-working practices adopted during the quarantine or lockdown periods are a long-term panacea for your business. Of course, homeworking does have its advantages in flexibility for employees, but it...

Reference Checklists Made Simple…

What is an employee reference checklist? An employee reference checklist is a form used when checking references for a potential hire. It helps you prescreen potential employees by verifying the information they provide on applications and in interviews. Standardizing...

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