IT Asset Management

Mar 8, 2022 | Information Technology

What is IT Asset Management 

IT asset management (information technology asset management, or ITAM) is a set of business practices that combines financial, inventory and contractual functions to optimize spending and support lifecycle management and strategic decision-making within the IT environment. ITAM is often a subset of the IT service management (ITSM) process.

An IT asset is classified as any company-owned information, system or hardware that is used in the course of business activities. The IT asset management process typically involves gathering a detailed inventory of an organization’s hardware, software and network assets and then using that information to make informed business decisions about IT-related purchases and redistribution.

ITAM applications are available to organizations to assist in the ITAM process. These applications can detect the hardware, software and network assets across an organization and then capture, record and make the data available as needed. Some of these applications integrate ITAM with the service desk, keeping all the user and access information together with the incidents and requests.

In lemans terms ITAM allows you to manage your IT infrastructure using the following but not limited to the following parameters 

  • Serial Numbers 
  • Model and model number 
  • Warranty Information 
  • IP & MAC Addresses 
  • Additional Peripherals

An asset management system will take all asset data and information and store it in one centralized place. Here, businesses can see trends, analyze data and monitor all assets a lot more efficiently.
But, that’s not all. A management system also eliminates time-consuming, and error-prone, methods such as using spreadsheets for asset tracking. Thus, allowing for better time and cost-efficient management.We also provide after sales and Activ-Care service, for equipment purchased from us and your previously acquired equipment. 

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